Our Vision

Ai NOVA Lighting
presents the scientific, sensitive and aesthetic basis for illumination design and application. We are a firm specializing in lighting ( architectural/interior/lands cape)..
Our firm has the proven capability to provide technical expertise with sensitivity to design aesthetics in a professional manner which fulfills the special requirements of the Architectural community.

Our Illumination Design Services truly complement your Concepts.

Founder of the firm Sharad Mahendra - Electrical Engineer and Life Fellow- The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers - is a recognized lighting expert. who has brought his creative vision to various prestigious projects since 1984. Having been closely associated with the lighting industry in india since more than two decades, the ever- changing trends in terms of light sources, luminaires and ever developing new applications have been part of our ongoing subjects of deep study and analyis.

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A Lighting Solution & Engineering Company - Lighting Design, Product Range, Product Customization & Implementation

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